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20 Easy Tips to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone This Year

Having a routine is a positive thing- when certain activities have worked for us in the past, we focus on repeating those steps to achieve the same results. However, if you’re not constantly pushing yourself to evolve, you risk avoiding personal growth. Make it a personal goal this year to push your boundaries- here are some quick tips to step outside your comfort zone!

  • Leverage social media often and effectively.
  • Stay inspired by your peers and new ideas.
  • Leverage new software to find new leads or improve your efficiency.
  • Ask yourself tough questions: What are you doing now that can be done better and/or differently?
  • Go into each day with an achievable plan.
  • Communicate through multiple channels.
  • Take on a new fitness challenge
  • Get on stage- when the opportunity presents itself, put yourself out there!
  • Rekindle relationships with past clients.
  • Read new types of books you wouldn’t normally choose.
  • Take classes to expand your professional skill-set
  • Get more involved in your community.
  • Leverage your network and prioritize actively networking.
  • Set measurable goals each month- in your professional and personal life.
  • Find someone that holds you accountable.
  • Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do!
  • Indulge your creative side
  • Start conversations with strangers- meet new people in unexpected places!
  • Pick up journaling- commit to writing down your experiences each day.
  • Give someone a spontaneous gift to show you’re thinking about them.

There are plenty of other ways to step outside of your comfort zone- remember to smart small and not to overwhelm yourself. Trying new things is an easy way to gain back confidence and your sense of adventure. Don’t wait for life to happen to you- make this a year to remember!

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