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4 Tips to Crush the Follow-Up On Real Estate Leads

Getting that first meeting is a great feeling, but experienced agents will tell you that the follow-up is key. Research from REH Real Estate found that 50% of real estate sales happen after the fifth point of contact. Check out these tips to set yourself up for long-term success when it comes to following up and closing the deal.


First and foremost, persistence is key. A lot of agents may throw in the towel well before they should and give up on leads after just 1-2 attempts to reach out. Get in the habit of contacting leads several times before determining the lead is dead. Make sure you are not overly aggressive in your pursuit, as your communication may come off as a nuisance or spammy.

Get on the Phone

Client’s respect and appreciate hearing from you, especially beyond text and email. When you pick up the phone, clients know they are getting your undivided attention. Furthermore, a phone call allows you to come to the conversation with ample preparation, and puts you in a better position to be able to field questions on the fly.

Have a Script

Keep in mind that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel with each follow-up. Create and memorize a solid script that you can follow when you are making your follow-up calls. The script should not be overly wordy, but rather simple and to the point. Be mindful to figure out the client’s wants/needs, the area they’re interested in, and their budget. All of these criteria are key to understanding how to best assist your potential clients, and being helpful closes deals.

Dive into the Details

This tip goes hand in hand with the one above, but is still worth mentioning. In addition to having your script and asking the important questions, also include information you may have left out in the original presentation. Share with your clients other properties you’ve closed on and educate them on happening stuff in the area. Deep knowledge can go a long way in earning business.

Follow-ups are necessary in order to close deals. Persistence, consistency, preparation, and attention to detail are crucial to long-term success in real estate. The more you practice these skills, the more second-nature they will eventually become. Remember these tips after the initial call to close out on those leads!

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