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5 Easy Cold Calling Tips for Real Estate

If you feel overwhelmed by cold calls, you’re not alone. Even in the internet age, cold calling can still be an effective way to grow your business. But sometimes it can be hard to deliver a sales pitch to someone who has never heard about you or your business. So, we’ve compiled some tips to help you overcome any anxiety and become a cold calling pro.

1. Prepare a Script

Before making your cold calls, it is a good idea to create a script to help you stay on the right track. While you don’t want to sound too rehearsed or robotic, a well-written script will help you stay focused and hit the major talking points you want to accomplish. This script does not need to be long or complicated. Simply write up a quick 30 second script that will help guide you through the call so you can communicate your message clearly with confidence. Begin with a strong opener that will prove to the prospect you are worth talking to.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

You never need to go into your cold call completely, well, cold. Practicing your cold call script before you even make your first call will ease your nerves and build your confidence. The more confident you are with your script; the easier cold calling will be. As you practice, your words will flow more smoothly and fluently, and sound less like a robotic script that you are reading off verbatim.

3. Know Who to Call

Logic would dictate that calling in greater volume will have a great chance of success. However, dialing numbers at random is a good way to waste a lot of your valuable time. You’ll see far more positive results with a carefully curated list of prospects.

If you’re not sure where to start with your prospect building, consider looking through FSBO listings on your local MLS. There are also many list building services that may be able to help if you’re willing to pay a fee.

4. Let Rejection Motivate You

Accept that rejection happens. It hurts, it’s no fun and it happens to be the number one reason why people are afraid to try. When faced with rejection on a call, choose to face it head on, accept it, and learn from it. Just remember that it isn’t personal. If you continue to struggle, learn from each call and optimize your approach. Over time, you should hopefully see the conversations get easier and easier.

5. Try Warm Calling Instead

If you enjoy a prominent presence online, whether through social media, a well-maintained website, or an e-newsletter, you may have a treasure trove of prospects ready at your fingertips. People that interact with your Facebook posts or subscribe to your newsletters may be shopping around for an agent, but just haven’t made that extra step to reach out. Take this as a hint and reach out- you may be able to find their phone info through social media, another acquaintance, or phone listing. If not, send them a message or email to see if they’re ready to talk- this is an easy to turn your cold calling into “warm calling”.

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