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5 In-Demand Skills for Success in Real Estate

There were 6.12 million existing-home sales in the U.S. in 2021, the highest level since 2006. That figure alone translates to millions of interactions between clients and their real estate agents. With so many deals being closed each day in a fiercely competitive market, let’s discuss 5 in-demand skills that will help you stand out from other agents.

1. Tech Savvy

If the pandemic taught us one thing in our professional lives, it’s how important technology is in the modern-day work environment. Not only are technological skills becoming more and more essential to day-to-day communication, but it also helps increase productivity and efficiency. The more tech-savvy you are, the faster you can handle and adapt to issues on the fly.

2. Organization

Being organized will preserve your mental energy throughout a long workweek and let you better help clients. Have you thought about decluttering your workspace? Clearing out your workspace can help boost your confidence and foster a sense of accomplishment. Less junk means fewer distractions, and fewer distractions means more action! Don’t let disorganization derail your productivity.

3. Negotiation

Garnering interest from clients is one thing, but closing the deal is another matter. Mastering the art of negotiation will help win you more closings. Some important things to keep in mind when negotiating: understand the buyer’s and seller’s needs, have a strategy, and have a deep understanding of the market.

4. Communication

Communication skills are necessary no matter what industry you’re in, but in a relationship-driven profession like real estate, it is all the more critical. Clients expect you hear their concerns and advocate for them. The ability to sharply convey information is an invaluable skillset that renders you more closings.

5. Patience

Following up on leads, waiting for closings, strengthening your network- rarely do these things occur overnight, yet they are focal points of the job. The most profitable real estate pros have mastered the art of patience, and understand it takes time and consistent work to get the most desirable results.

Add these skills to your arsenal and be confident knowing that you are more than a competent real estate agent. The housing market is always changing, and clients need agents that can adjust to these varying needs. Brush up on these techniques and stand out the next time you do business.

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