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5 Networking Tips for Real Estate Pros

Have you ever heard the saying “your network is your net worth”? Well, this holds true especially if you’re in the real estate field. Networking for real estate agents is especially crucial now more than ever. If you’re just starting in the field or simply looking to shore up your professional network, we’ve got you covered with these 5 networking tips for real estate.

1. Attend Professional Events and Seminars

Taking part in professional events and networking seminars is one of the easiest ways to build and strengthen relationships in the industry. Fortunately, there are dozens of events that take place throughout the year and you can even attend events specific to the type of real estate you deal with.

2. Keep Up with Your Online Presence

Statistics from the NAR show that 57% of real estate pros use social media apps daily, and 69% have a website. In today’s digital work environment, having a discoverable and engaging online presence is invaluable for gaining new clients. Your next client is likely to find you on the internet.

3. Be a Lifelong Learner

Brush up on your current skills and add new ones to your toolbox by taking professional development classes. Not only are you learning new, in-demand skills, but you are also bolstering your network. In reoccurring professional courses, you will meet other real estate agents and have the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas!

4. Volunteer

 What better way to connect with your local community than volunteer work? Consider dedicating a Saturday to serving your community’s local soup kitchen or getting involved in other service-based programs. Bonding with your community though volunteer work will give you real insight into the local area and make networking effortless.

5. Join a Committee

As a real estate pro, people within the community look to you for insight and knowledge. Join an ad hoc committee to stay involved and on top of community issues. Offer your connections and knowledge when appropriate to distinguish yourself as an integral community member.

For real estate pros, networking is pivotal to success. Thankfully, there are several ways to do this. Focus on involving yourself in community events and getting on local boards and committees. The most effective way to bolster your network is by showing your connections you are passionate and good at what you do.

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