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5 Quick Tips to Clean Up After the Holidays

Read the below tips for some ways to address the post-holiday clutter before it piles up.

1. Don’t Wait

Try to determine a place for your new items immediately. These items could end up sitting in a corner for weeks before you know it, so get on it before it becomes overwhelming.

2. Prioritize

If you’re struggling to find a place for an item, consider if it’s something you really need. If you answer “no”, then it might be time to donate it or throw it away. Some holiday decorations could have sentimental value, but if you never make use of it, now could be the time to part ways with it.

3. Organize Gift Wrapping

Over the years, gift wrapping can have a tendency to pile up. It’s easy for all of the rolls, bags, and bows to start turning into clutter. Take this post-holiday time to organize it for next year. You can find containers for your wrapping paper online or at your local gift store to keep the paper in working condition. And consider some containers to organize any gift bags, ribbons, or bows.

4. Recycle

For any discarded gift-wrapping materials, such as paper or shipping boxes, store them in the garage or out of the way to bring to your recycling center.

5. Prepare for Next Year

Once another year goes by, it can be easy to forget what holiday items you have in storage. Try to take inventory of what you already have so you don’t end up purchasing the same item again next year. And for easier unpacking next year, make detailed labels before putting your bins into storage.

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