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5 Storage Shed Ideas to Maximize Space

Every homeowner knows that summer is the season of pulling forgotten items out of the shed. If you’re spending a lot of that time and energy organizing your shed each year, check out these storage shed ideas to maximize space and make the transition into summer seamless.

1. Utilize Wall Racks and/or Utility Hooks

Wall racks are super customizable and convenient. Racks are an excellent way store long awkward items such as gardening tools, shovels, pipes, etc. Wall racks are also an easy DIY project!

2. Workbenches & Cabinets

Adding a workbench gives you a large, clean workspace to operate from in addition to additional storage space. Important or delicate items that must be kept away from dust should go inside the workbench.

3. Stackable Boxes

If you plan to store a bunch of things in the shed consider investing in some quality stackable boxes. These tote boxes will give you the flexibility to neatly arrange storage however you want. And the broad horizontal side is perfect for slapping on a label to easily find things later.

4. Adjustable Shelving

Looking to store items that are all different sizes? Look no further than adjustable shelving.  Shelves can be slid up and down to house whatever equipment you may have.

5. Drawer organizer

Drawer organizers will keep your pull-out drawers nice and tidy. Because you can purchase these in any size, you can store virtually anything in here. Whether it’s tape measures or screwdrivers, there’s a drawer organizer to meet your needs.

6. Magnetic Board

A magnetic board will have you wondering how you ever stored items in a toolbox. These are useful for holding standard metal tools like saws and screwdrivers, and are quite popular. Just make sure the magnetic board of your choosing is strong enough to withstand everything you intend to put on it.

Sheds are useful for storing an abundance of everyday household equipment, but remember they are there to make life easy. However, when storage is neglected, your shed can quickly become an enormous stress point. Try implementing some ideas from this list the next time you feel your shed needs a makeover.

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