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6 Spooky Ideas for Halloween Real Estate Marketing

Are you trying to keep some momentum and boost your business this fall? Halloween is a great opportunity to reach out to new leads in innovative ways and engage your current clientele.

Don’t “ghost” your clients this Halloween or let cobwebs gather on your marketing efforts- here are a few creative ideas to stay top of mind in your community this Halloween!

1. Halloween-Themed Pop-By Gifts

Use the holiday spirit to change up your typical pop-by gifts. Think candy, pumpkins, or any Halloween-themed gifts that your leads will appreciate.

If you’re going to include candy, don’t go cheap- a large candy bar, with your business card attached, is sure to stand out from all the other candy floating around during Halloween.

2. Halloween Marketing Emails

If you maintain a newsletter, consider including some themed content in line with the Halloween spirit. Think of some haunted stories or legends about your local community, or some “scary” real estate facts to include for homeowners.

Alternatively, now could be a great time to switch up your typical lead generation campaigns. Use a new email creative with some “spooky” imagery or copy that ties back to your brand.

3. Host a Halloween Party

If you were already planning on hosting a Halloween party at your office this month, this could be an easy way to turn the party into a business opportunity. Consider inviting some leads and clients to the party to showcase your festive side and connect on a more personal level.

If you do go this route, make sure the party isn’t a dud. Find some creative decorations, and stock up on plenty of tasty food and drinks. And think about some games or a contest to make it more memorable.

4. Hold an Online Photo Contest

Homeowners who spend time decorating for Halloween love the opportunity to show off their creativity and hard work. Take advantage of this by hosting a photo contest on social media or your blog. Encourage your followers to post pictures of their Halloween-decorated homes for a chance to win a gift certificate, gift basket, or some other service.

You could also run a contest for photos of the best carved pumpkins or Halloween costumes. Or, open up the contest to all three with various gift packages for the winners.

5. Haunted Open House

If you have any open listings, a themed open house is a great way to attract attention. Dress up your signage for the holiday, add some Halloween decorations to the exterior and interior, and put out some candy and other fall snacks for guests. Just don’t go too far- you don’t want your decorations to get in the way of showcasing the home’s features.

You might even consider asking the sellers if they’d be okay doing showings on the holiday itself. You’re sure to get a lot of foot traffic during trick-or-treating, and you might just get the opportunity to chat with a few prospective homebuyers along the way.

6. Sponsor a Community Event

There are likely to be at least a few community gatherings during October, such as fall festivals or Halloween parties. Sponsoring one of these events can be a great opportunity for branding, and to find some new leads. Make sure to come well-stocked with business cards, brochures, flyers, or any other marketing pieces you have to offer.

If sponsorship isn’t in your budget this fall, you can still attend. Take the opportunity to network with your local community and other business leaders; you never know what types of meaningful conversations could be waiting for you.

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