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Best Reasons to Buy a Home in Fall

You’ve likely heard that summer is traditionally the peak real estate season. Children are out of school, listed properties look their best, and homebuyers are more eager to get outside and view open houses. However, there are plenty of advantages to homebuying in the fall.

Fewer Buyers and Motivated Sellers

As home sales begin to cool off from the summer, sellers will become more motivated to sell their home before the holiday season rolls around. As other buyers may have settled into their new home before their children’s school starts, there will be fewer buyers to compete with. If a home is still on the market from the summer into the fall, sellers will most likely be eager to close sooner than later. This gives you an opportunity to see if the seller is willing to making a deal with you. Don’t be afraid to ask if the owner is open to making a deal during the fall. This is the time of year where the days get shorter and weather can be much worse in certain parts of the country. Many buyers would rather wait until the spring to avoid the harsh weather – and that means less competition!

Sales on Home Furnishings

When buying a home, one thing that may be crossing your mind is how you are going to furnish your new space. Lawn equipment, kitchen appliances, and other types of furniture that you’ll need to complete your space will begin to add up quickly. Take advantage of the fall months to purchase these big-ticket items – specifically from September to November. These months are ideal to purchase these expensive household items because they usually go on sale during this time from Labor Day to Black Friday.

Autumn Can Reveal the Ugly

Although the autumn season can be extremely beautiful – from the leaves changing colors to the cold crisp air and warm hearty food – the fall season can reveal things about a prospective home that you may not have noticed in the spring or summer. Let us explain. In the spring and summer, the flora surrounding the home may look beautiful, but it could be hiding imperfections about the home. When the fall rolls in and the leaves begin to fall, you’ll be able to see flaws – if any. From exterior cracks, peeling paint, foundation cracks, worn areas of the roof or windows, and other issues with the home’s exterior will be more apparent in the fall.

Flexibility on Moving Dates

Fall is one of the most flexible times to move for a couple of reasons. For one, moving companies are less busy because the fall is their off-season. Families with children and college students have already settled in and unpacked before September starts. You’ll have more leeway with choosing a moving date that is ideal for you – instead of getting stuck on a random Wednesday because that’s the only time your moving company can fit you in. Since sellers can also be more flexible in the fall, it may be possible to negotiate a move in date that better suits you.  

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