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Choosing the Perfect Real Estate Domain Name

Are you creating your first real estate website? Or just looking to rebrand with a new domain? In this article we will discuss the importance of a website domain and the factors to consider when creating yours. Your website domain is essentially the name of your site, and very often (but not always) serves as the homepage of your website. As an example, the domain of this website is

A domain is very often how people will search for you online, and is a major SEO ranking factor that affects your ranking in Google and other search engines. Additionally, people will likely come to associate your domain with your brand name (even if they’re different). For all of these reasons, you should take care when considering which domain to choose. See below for some pointers on crafting the best domain names.

1. Keep it Simple

Stay away from making the domain name too long. The best and most memorable websites are short and easy to read at a glance. Even Google agrees! Think about how your domain name will be used in conversation or writing- keep it simple and clean.

2. Stay Local

Listings are searched for locally in specific cities. With that being said, try incorporating the name of the city or town you operate in into your domain name. Not only will this give your website a smooth sounding name, but it is also excellent for SEO purposes.

3. Be Careful with the Word REALTOR®

The term REALTOR®, as indicated by the ® symbol, is a registered trademark of The National Association of REALTORS®. The guidelines for use of this term are outlined in detail here, but in general, it IS allowed for use on your website (including the domain) as long as it’s used when referring to a member (or group of members) of NAR and its Member Boards. However, if that membership should ever cease, that term would legally need to be removed from the domain. Transitioning domains without affecting your search engine rankings can be tricky. To avoid unwanted scrutiny or headaches down the road, you may want to steer clear altogether of this term.

4. Focus on Branding

Try to include verbiage that is synonymous with your brand. These should be words you want people to think of when they think of your real estate business. And much like step one, keep it simple. For example, if your business is primarily focused on high-end properties, consider adding the word “luxury” to your domain.

5. If the Ideal Domain is Taken, Consider Buying It

There are people and entities out there whose sole purpose is to purchase heavily sought-out domain names. While it can be frustrating to find that your preferred domain name is spoken for, there’s a good chance it may be available to purchase. Pricing depends on demand, so if it’s a very specific domain name, you may be able to buy it at a bargain rate. Competitive domain names, however, can carry a more exorbitant price tag. You’ll have to decide how much that domain name is worth to your business.

Follow these tips to ensure you create the best domain name for your business. In a digital age where everything is searchable, a simple and concise domain name with wording that highlights brand qualities is ideal. Put these steps into action then sit back and enjoy your fresh new domain!

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