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Giving Thanks to Your Customers This Year

Thanksgiving is right around the corner; which means it’s a great time to reconnect with past (and current) customers. Showing gratitude to your customers is a great way to remind them of what makes you a great real estate agent, and to stay top of mind for future business or referrals. Continue reading to learn some ways you can show your appreciation and give thanks to your customers.

Send a Personalized Card or Gift Basket

A safe and fairly cost-effective way to show customers you are thinking about them is a simple card with a personalized message. You can attach your business card or other promotional material to the Thanksgiving card, but make sure the focus is on wishing them well through the holidays. Whether you purchase the cards or make your own, the goal is just to simply send greetings and warm wishes. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, consider putting together or purchasing a gift basket. If you want to include a small gift, try to think of something small but memorable; maybe a home-made treat that will help your card stand out. If it’s a current customer, you may try to include something that has come up in conversation or that you think they could use. However, a gift is not necessary; your customer is sure to appreciate a personalized message from you to show you are thinking of them during the holiday.

Personalized Video

Sending a personalized video to your customers doesn’t need to be an elaborate chore. An informal, no edit video should be perfectly fine. These videos do not need to be posted on social media – keep it private. Similar to the Thanksgiving cards, you can keep the message short and brief; wishing them a great holiday season and warm wishes. Depending on if it is a current or past customer, you may want to speak briefly about their current transaction, or simply thank them for their business. Sending a pre-recorded video allows you to record yourself on your own time, in case you make a mistake. When the video is finished, simply text it to their phone for a surprise, heartfelt message.

Highlight & Celebrate Your Customers

If you are the type of person who is already spending a lot of their time on social media promoting themselves and their real estate business, you might as well spend a little of that time highlighting and celebrating your customers. It does not matter if you have a lot of followers or friends on these social platforms; but the people you highlight will feel appreciated. Think about putting together a “thank you” message on Facebook to mention all the people you’re thankful for this year, including customers and coworkers. If you put out monthly or weekly newsletters, you could also consider including a “thank you” message on this email.

Proactive Customer Service

Showing your appreciation and thanks does not need to stop after Thanksgiving! Take this time to reflect and think of ways you can continue this tradition throughout the year. Customer appreciation doesn’t always have to be a gift or personalized message, either. Being on top of problems or issues that customers may have, responding quickly, and going that extra mile will show a customer you care about them and respect their time year-round. Put yourself in the position of the customer and predict possible issues and help them before there is a problem. Acquiring new customers can be expensive; continuing to invest in your past and current clients is an easy way to drum up future business and referrals.

Showing a customer that you’re grateful for their business shouldn’t be a one-time a year thing. If you show gratitude everyday to your customers, new business will find you.

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