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How Does Color Affect Home Sales?

Selling a home? If so, you should know there are a number of factors that determine how quickly the home will sell. But, did you know that one of those factors is the color of the house? Keep reading to find out which color homes sell the fastest in 2022.

  • Each year, surveys real estate industry experts and top designers. And for the second year in a row, white is the most popular and frequently recommended color with 58% of experts agreeing that it is the most attractive home color.
  • Coming in with 41% of the vote, up 16% from 2021, is off- white. Much like white, off-white paint can make a home look more modern and polished despite its age. However, the darker tone is a bit more in line with today’s aesthetics.
  • The third most popular exterior right now is wood finish– and for good reason. This is a timeless style that can make a house feel more like a home. In addition to a classic look, wooden houses are also eco-friendly, water resistant, and great at insulating heat in cold weather months.
  • 20% of experts interviewed believe that gray and other similar neutral tones. A neutral color such as gray will appeal to most people. These tones are easy to look at and promote a sense of cleanliness and openness.
  • The fifth most popular color for a home in 2022 is tan. This is a bolder look than a grey or white, but tan does an excellent job of masking dirt and can even make a small home look larger.

As you know, the way a house presents is tantamount to how fast and how much it will sell for. Color preference is subjective, but if you’re on the fence, let the data above help guide your decision.

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