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Managing a Difficult Real Estate Client

For real estate agents, meeting with a difficult client is an inevitable part of the job. A client might be unrealistic in their home goals, ill-mannered, or overly demanding. Knowing how to deal with these types of buyers can save valuable time and give you the confidence you need to push through. Check out this blog for tips on how to deal with difficult clients.

Educate Potential Buyers

A client’s ignorance of the real estate market can lead to poor decision making and/or a negative attitude towards the home buying process. Educating your clients often and early will create a sense of transparency and help dissolve those negative feelings. Providing insight to your process as a real estate agent can also help alleviate tension with a difficult client.

Pre-Screen Clients

The most effective way to deal with a difficult client is by not having any to begin with! Screen your clients via a short, in-person meeting or video call. This practice gives you the opportunity to gauge attitude and personability, and protect your business from unfavorable buyers.


Active listening is the simplest way to show a person you’re interested. Be able to repeat back to your clients what it is they’re asking for, and show through communication that they are being heard. Buying a home can be an emotional roller coaster so be prepared to deal with emotional clients. And remember- the last thing you want is for a client to feel like you aren’t taking their needs seriously.

Be Firm and Decisive

Applying these strategies to difficult clients can help you out in a jam, but what happens when none of these techniques work?  You need to be firm and quickly decide if the client is worth the headache. If not, you can politely suggest they find a new agent. Keep in mind that ultimately you were hired for your professional expertise, and being constantly undermined by a client doesn’t get either party where they want to be.

As with any client-based profession, you will always run into a prospective buyer that will be difficult to deal with. Whether they think they know more than you, or waste your time being indecisive, knowing how to deal with hard-headed customers will go a long way in your professional success.

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