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Re-Engaging Old Leads

Are you struggling to re-engage old leads? Although it may take some real hard work to reel your old leads back in, it’s not an impossible endeavor. When you do accomplish to re-engage those old leads, it can bring great opportunities for your business and sales. Whether you’re fairly new to real estate or a seasoned professional, everyone has leads who have never answered back, told them they’re not interested, or actually went through some of the process to ultimately back out in the end.

To re-engage with those off-the-track leads, you need to understand why they lost touch and how you can turn that into an opportunity for new sales and business relationships.  Continue reading to learn how to re-engage your old real estate leads.

Research Before You Start Re-Engaging

Before you start eagerly reaching out to your old leads, do your homework on them! As a real estate professional, you speak to a lot of people and it’s not easy to remember someone you spoke to a long time ago. If you can, dig through any old conversations you may have had with them to gain some insights that can help you with your future conversations. Keep your eyes peeled for any online or offline activity from them relating to your field of interest. Avoid automated responses and prepare to get personable.   

Utilize Surveys and Online Polls

Based on the previous conversations with your leads, they already have an idea as to who you are. But for one reason or another, they are not ready to buy – It’s time to find out why. One method for reaching out to old leads is sending a straightforward survey in an email or host an online poll on a social media social media platform. Be sure your questions are not loaded, and are straight to the point and clear to understand. You can choose to make this an open-ended response or a fixed answer response depending on the platforms you choose to have your survey or poll on.

Warm up Old Leads with Gifts

Nothing quite grabs the attention of people better than free stuff. Get creative with sending a goodie bag of items pertaining to your business and other items you feel they would like to receive. Gifts can be a great way to get your foot in the door for leads you haven’t spoken to in a while and also a way to say thank you to prospects who gave you their time and attention to hear your pitch. It shows people that you appreciate their time and makes them feel valued.  

Discuss What has Changed

It’s probably been some time since you have spoken with your old leads, so take the opportunity to talk about what’s new with them, and use that conversation as a segway to talk about what new things you and your business have been up to and any new promotions or services you have to offer. With the information you have on your old lead, decide which method of contact is best for them, whether that’s an email, text, phone call, or waiting to see them face to face. Be attentive and listen to them to identify opportunities for you to help, such as them expressing a need (that you can solve), any frustrations they may have, and their overall demeanor in the conversation.

Be Helpful

Your responsibility is to be as helpful, informative, and available as possible. Find the perfect balance that works for you without being too pushy or a pest to your cold leads. Whether the lead is warming up or still staying cold – you never know when they will decide to give your services a chance. Make sure you are ready to provide 5-star quality when the opportunity presents itself. Continue to stay positive and believe in your abilities as a real estate professional and leads will see your value too.

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