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Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Labor Day

The summer is almost coming to an end as Labor Day approaches. The holiday was designed to give workers the day off, but if you have a real estate business, you know that Labor Day is a great opportunity to network and promote your business while still enjoying the Labor Day fun.

Give a Gift

Labor Day is a perfect holiday to reward your employees, co-workers, or any working person with a gift to extend your gratitude. You can also use this as an opportunity to give away your business’ promotional items. Some fun Labor Day gift ideas that you also can attach your branding to:

  • Picnic Set –drawstring bag, drink koozie, and a blanket
  • Beach Set – Sunscreen, towel, and sunglasses
  • General Goodie Bag – Desserts, branded apparel, and drinkware

These gifts do not need to be expensive or extravagant – after all, Labor Day isn’t necessarily a gift-giving holiday. But that is why it will surprise people when they do receive a gift from you. People will appreciate your thoughtfulness and this can help keep you and your business top of mind as we approach the slower fall and winter months.

Join the Local Labor Day Activities

Find out in advance what is going on in your community on September 6th and how you can join in on the fun while also keeping your real estate business top of mind with potential clients. These types of activities may be limited in your community based on local COVID protocols. Barbecues, block parties, parades, local 5k runs, charity events, street festivals, and more are all going on around the weekend of Labor Day, so take advantage of the local events and figure out where you and your business fits into it all.

Offer Promotions

Offering some sort of promotion to your clients is great to use in combination with a booth or stall at a local event or simply posted via social media. Giveaways, raffles, and contests are great ways to get people engaged with your business. These kinds of promotions get people excited and gives your business a greater chance of being on top of the list for when potential clients may need your services.

Host an Open House

Since many Americans will be home for the holiday, Labor Day is a great day to host an open house. You can serve picnic or barbeque style food with lemonade instead of the normal open house ambiance. Bonus if you are having an open house with a pool – you can decorate the pool and the pool area with flowers, pool floats, and good music. When holding an open house on a holiday weekend though, be sure you have serious prospects interested in coming before you put a lot of effort into the open house. Without knowing for sure that there’s a few interested buyers, you may end up wasting the time and energy of you and your seller.

Keep Social on Social Media Platforms

While you are making your best efforts in the community enjoying the holiday and promoting your real estate business, remember to stay social on your social medias. You may not be able to reach out to everyone you may have wanted to throughout the Labor Day weekend, so be sure to post on your social medias promoting your business – highlighting any discounts or sales going on, posting your activity for the day and inviting others to join, and posting Labor Day related content wishing your family, friends, and clients a great Labor Day.

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