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Small Things That Can Make a Big Difference to Your Clients

Managing relationships with your clients in any industry can be difficult at times. You might feel like you have gone above and beyond to help them, and yet they’re still not satisfied. Here a few small things you can do that won’t require much effort from your end, but can go a long way in making your client feel like they’re your top priority.

1. Make a Habit of Checking In

Even if you don’t have any business to discuss, make a habit of checking in with your clients regularly to see if you can assist them in any way, or even just to see how they’re doing. Taking initiative to reach out shows your clients you are thinking of them. For past clients, staying in touch will demonstrate that you care even after the deal is done, and can help drive repeat business or referrals.

2. Be Empathetic

As a real estate agent, you deal with buying and selling homes regularly. For most clients, homebuying is an overwhelming experience that will only happen a few times in their life. Be empathetic to their situation no matter how routine it may seem. Picking up on client’s emotion will go a long way in solidifying your relationship.

3. Automate Communication

Leverage automated marketing and email communication to stay ahead of the curve. Data from Salesforce found that 99% of marketers say personalization helps advance customer relationships, with 78% claiming it has a “strong” or “extremely strong” impact. And for those regular touchpoints, this will help take some of the burden off so you can focus on today’s business, while remaining in regular contact with yesterday or tomorrow’s business.

4.  Utilize Social Media

A strong social media presence will keep buyers engaged and allow you to target demographics you may not otherwise reach. Want to hit millennial buyers? Try Instagram or Twitter. For older buyers, leverage platforms like Facebook. According to NAR, 51% of buyers found their home on the internet in 2022, a number that’s likely to continue increasing.

5. Send Small Gift Items

Nothing makes a person’s day like receiving a spontaneous gift. Whether it be baked goods or a gift card, gifting a small token of appreciation will heighten your client’s appreciation for you.

Homebuying is a stressful process with a lot at stake! As a real estate pro, your job is to get the best value for customers while making their experience as enjoyable as possible. When you want to go above and beyond for your clients, refer back to this list and knock it out of the park!

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