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Some of the Most Overused Phrases in Real Estate

Like most industries, the real estate business tends to have its own language. When you’ve been in the industry for a while, it’s easy to fall into the habit of repeating the same lines to clients. However, when your clients have heard the same things from other agents, it can have the drawback of making you sound inauthentic. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly overused phrases by agents, and some better alternatives you can use instead.

1. “This listing won’t last long!”

Nothing turns off a prospective buyer like being rushed into a sale. Coming off of a historically competitive market, buyers know how tough purchasing is right now. Don’t add onto the stress of buying a home by cornering your clients with language like this. Instead, be direct while still offering your client options. Try something like: “This market is very popular right now so you’ll want to put your offer in soon. If you want to continue to explore options, I completely understand.”

2. “This house is perfect, there’s nothing like it!”

It’s rare that anything is truly “perfect”, so avoid exaggerating the conditions or desirability of a home. You want to avoid coming across as insincre. Instead, try to learn what’s important to the buyer and explain why this home would be a great fit for their needs.

3. “The owners are eager to sell!”

This can be a red flag for buyers. For many, this will make them question why the homeowners are in such a rush to sell and if there’s some underlying issue. Highlight the pros of the home without emphasizing how eager the homeowner is to move the property.

4. “This home is quaint and cozy”

 Classic real estate language for saying the house is small. Be honest in your description but focus on the positive aspects. For example, “This home may appear on the smaller side, but it provides a level of comfort you won’t find in larger homes in the area.”

5. “I will get you more for your home than any other agent!

Your seller will likely be interested in what you can get for their property, but statements like this can make you sound disingenuous. Instead, be transparent with your client and stress the importance of pricing their home appropriately. You can also discuss your process and the steps you will take to get them the highest price.

When you’ve worked in real estate for years, it can become almost like muscle memory to repeat the same lines you’ve become accustomed to. Having a script that’s worked for you in the past is a positive, but remember that clients value honesty and transparency. Avoiding these overused phrases will help you stand out from the competition and demonstrate to your clients that you value them as individuals.

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