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The Right Closing Gift for Your Buyer

After advising your real estate client through the home buying process, you’ve finally closed the deal. Your buyer is ready to move in, and it’s time to welcome them home.

So how do you plan to show your appreciation? For a memorable gift that shows you care, you should try to demonstrate that you know your client and you know the property. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for closing gifts.

Be Practical

Think about the types of practical housewarming gifts you would offer a family member or friend on your first visit. This is especially important for first-time homebuyers. During the purchasing process, try to take note of anything the house could be missing. Maybe your clients already commented on something they need, or you thought of something they could use in one of your discussions. You could even help out with the cost of moving itself.

A few examples of practical gifts are a cleaning service, a lawn mower or snow blower, or even a gift card to the local home improvement store so your clients could get whatever they need. Or to help them feel more at home, consider paying for a home design consultation. While these gifts might not be the most unique or personal, your buyers are sure to appreciate you looking after their needs. And to help them prepare for any unforeseen breakdowns and repairs, consider giving your clients a home warranty to help save on maintenance costs.

Know Your Buyer

Of course, you may prefer a more personal touch for your closing gift. Now is the perfect opportunity to show your buyers that you’ve been listening attentively these past few months. Is your client a veteran? Buy them something patriotic to celebrate their service. A foodie? Outfit them with some new kitchenware. Are they tech savvy? You could purchase a smart doorbell for the house.

Whatever gift you decide on, a small touch such as a thoughtfully written card or a personalized gift basket could also go a long way. Just try to avoid anything that looks too impersonal. If you put in the extra effort, your client will know that you were listening and be more likely to refer others in the future.

Know the Property

To help your new homeowners settle in, consider getting them something specific to their property. If the house comes with a built-in pool, some pool rafts and supplies could be just the right thing. If the house has a spacious deck, try some patio furniture or a new grill. A hammock or a gardening service might be the perfect fit for a big yard they’re excited about.

For the interior living space, think about what makes the house unique. Christen that new wine cellar with a nice bottle (or two) for their collection. If there’s space for a gym, think about what equipment your clients could use. Or maybe the garage could use a makeover and a fresh coat of epoxy flooring. Customizing your closing gift to the property could be a big step towards making the house feel like a home.

Introduce Them to the Area

The area your buyers are moving to is sure to be an important part of any buying decision. To that end, try to think of some ways to help introduce your clients to their new town or neighborhood. A night out on the town is a great way to show them your favorite dinner spot. Or offer to throw a housewarming party for their friends and family, and see if they want to invite some of the neighbors along. If these things aren’t the right fit for your clients, a gift certificate to a local restaurant, sports arena, or other attractions can help accomplish the same goal while letting them explore on their own.

custom framed map of their new town could also be a nice touch for some decorative flair. For something more practical, think about including some books with detailed city maps and local information, or even the town’s history. Anything that helps the new location feel more like home could be a memorable closing gift.

It’s Not Marketing

Although it might go against your instincts as a sales professional, resist the urge to “brand” any of your closing gifts. Sure, you might know the perfect vendor to brand those moving boxes or throw a logo on that phone charger, but doing so will only make the gifts feel less heartfelt. Remember, you want your clients to know you appreciate them, not just their business.

As a buyer’s real estate agent, your clients trusted you with one of the most important purchases of their life. The perfect, unique gift will help them remember just how much their agent cared for years after the closing.

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